technical ceramic solutions



Most of our products are tailor made for individual customers so please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

  • Alumina Ceramic (Al₂O₃)

    Alumina Ceramic (Al₂O₃)

    Alumina ceramic (Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3) is an excellent electrical insulator and one of the most widely used advanced ceramic materials. In addition, it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion …

  • Alumina Ceramic Heater

    Alumina Ceramic Heater

    Alumina Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heate…

  • Boron Nitride Ceramics

    Boron Nitride Ceramics

    Hexagonal Boron Nitride has a microstructure similar to that of Graphite. In both materials this structure, made up of layers of tiny platelets, is responsible for excellent machinability and low-fric…

  • Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

    Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

    Beryllium Oxide (BeO), which is commonly referred to as Beryllia, is endowed with a virtuously unique combination of thermal, electrical, optical, and mechanical properties which may be exploited for …

  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

    Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

    With its properties of electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is required. In addition, since it offers a …

  • Ceramic Cutting Blade

    Ceramic Cutting Blade

    Innovacera ceramic blades are designed for high performance and precisions cutting processes in various including film and foil, medical, converting or assembling of electronic components. Market lead…

  • Ceramic Filling Pump

    Ceramic Filling Pump

    Innovacera provided advanced ceramic solutions for fluid dispensing and filling in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.Our pumps and valves are made in advanced ceramic materials.

  • High Temperature Ceramics

    High Temperature Ceramics

    Innovacera offers a complete line of kiln furniture, kiln components and accessories, everything from dense to low mass products to meet every application need. Our complete line of kiln components wi…

  • Metallized Ceramics

    Metallized Ceramics

    Innovacera supplies precision metallized ceramic components in aluminum oxide ceramics for the military, medical, and aerospace industries. Through spray, needle, and brush coatings or screen printing…

  • Machinable Glass Ceramics

    Machinable Glass Ceramics

    Machinable Glass Ceramic has a continuous use temperature of 800ºC and a peak temperature of 1000ºC. Its coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses.It processes g…

  • Porous Ceramics

    Porous Ceramics

    The range of Innovcera porous ceramic filters is made from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. The strong, uniform porous ceramic has 40-50% open porosity with a tortuous pore structure and is availab…

  • Zirconia Ceramics

    Zirconia Ceramics

    Zirconia is a very strong industrial ceramic with excellent properties in terms of hardness, fracture toughness and corrosion resistance; it solves the most common characteristic of ceramics-high brit…

  • Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramic

    Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramic

    Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is a high-melting-point material with high fracture toughness and excellent thermal shock resistance, It is considered to be one of the few monolithic ceramic materials that ca…

  • Ceramic Reflector

    Ceramic Reflector

    Innovacera manufactures custom and standard ceramic reflector designs for flash lamps, continuous-wave lasers, diode-pumped lasers, and cosmetic surgery markets. Ceramic Reflector is made by high p…

  • Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)

    Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)

    Pyrolytic boron nitride is a grade of hexagonal boron nitride. It is produced by the chemical vapor deposition process to create its solid body and all the boron nitride crystals grow parallel to the …

  • Oxygen Sensor Heater

    Oxygen Sensor Heater

    Innovacera Ceramic Oxygen Sensor Heater is suitable for use in Bosch, Denso, Delphi, NTK & NGK Oxygen Lambda Sensor, Oxygen sensors are designed to monitor the amount of oxygen that's in the car's…