technical ceramic solutions


Alumina Ceramic (Al₂O₃)

Alumina ceramic (Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3) is an excellent electrical insulator and one of the most widely used advanced ceramic materials. In addition, it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion and is an industrial ceramic that can only be formed by diamond grinding. The melting point is very high at 2,072°C, and it is very hard. Alumina components can be widely used in electronics, pump components and automotive sensors.

Alumina Ceramic Components

Innovacera develops and manufactures alumina ceramic components, and customizes production for customers according to customers’ drawings and functional requirements.

Wear alumina ceramic parts

  • Ceramic Nozzles
  • Ceramic Sprayers Cyclones
  • Homogenising devices
  • Ceramic Linings
  • Milling Systems
  • Ceramic Thread guides

Precision alumina ceramic components

  • Ceramic Measuring Components
  • Ceramic Control systems
  •  (Micro) dosing valves
  • Electronics
  • Components,
  • Mechatronics
  • Optical applications


  • Positioning
  • Guide parts
  • Coatings,
  • Transport ceramic rollers
  • Ceramic Dies
  • Textile machine parts,
  • Furnace parts

Rotating equipment

  • Ceramic Sliding Bearings
  • Ceramic Ball bearings
  • Mechanical seals
  • Ceramic Plungers
  • Ceramic Valves / fittings,
  • Dosing components

Cutting & moulding

  • Ceramic knives
  • Metal-forming tools
  • Seaming rolls
  • Ceramic Punches
  • Drawing dies