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Direct Bonded Copper Substrates

DBC ceramic substrate, short for Direct Bonded Copper Ceramic Substrate, is an advanced material composed of a ceramic substrate (typically Al2O3 or AlN) and copper, tightly joined together through a hypo-eutectic process. This unique combination of materials results in a substrate with exceptional thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, high strength, and excellent wettability for soldering applications.

DBC PCB Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Direct Bonded Copper Ceramic Substrates Material Property

– Low Thermal Expansion
– High Strength
– High Thermal Conductivity
– High Wettability for Solder

Direct Bonded Copper Ceramic Substrates Applied Area

– Power Electronics: IGBT, MOSFET, Thyristor Module, Solid-state Relay, Diode, Power Transistors
– Automotive: ABS, Power Steering, DC/DC Converter, LED Lighting, Ignition Control
– Home Appliance: Air Conditioner, Peltier Cooler
– Environmental Technology: Local Power Generation, Electric Vehicle, Traction Control System, Photovoltaic Units, Wind Power
– Industrial: LED Displays, Welding Machine
– Aerospace: Laser, Power Supply for Satellites and Aircrafts
– PC/IT: Power Supply, UPS System