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Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

With its properties of electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is required. In addition, since it offers a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) near that of silicon, and excellent plasma resistance, it is used for semiconductor processing equipment components.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics exhibit exceptional characteristics, making them useful in various applications.

  • High thermal conductivity combined with good electrical insulation characteristics.
  • Exceptional stability when exposed to many molten salts.
  • Thermal stability up to at least 1500°C
  • Favorable mechanical characteristics extending into the high temperature range.
  • Low thermal expansion and resistance to thermal shock.
  • Special optical and acoustic characteristics.

Physical Properties

  • Flexural strength is 300 ± 5MPa
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is 5.6×10-6K-1 (20-1000°C)
  • Thermal conductivity is 70-180 W/m.K
  • Insulation resistance is >1012Ωcm (20°C)

Forming Processing

  • Ceramic Injection Molding
  • Low Pressure Injection Molding
  • Cold Isostatic Press
  • Dry Press
  • Tape Casting
  • Precision Machining Processing


  • AlN Ceramic Heat-sinks for high power system
  • AlN Crucible for Metal Melting
  • AlN Ceramic Rod
  • AlN Ceramic Heater
  • Ceramic Substrate
  • Custom Shape