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Metallized Ceramic Insulators

INNOVACERA’s metallized ceramic insulators are made by ceramic combined with thick metal films through a metallization process. This combination of ceramic and metal results in insulators that can withstand harsh conditions and provide electrical isolation when needed.

Ceramic Insulator for ceramic package

Metallization Spec.:

Molybdenum/Manganese (Mo/Mn) metallization: 9-30um
Ni plating thickness: 3-10um

Metallized Ceramic Insulators Material Properties:

No Item Unit Value
1 Purity % ≥95
2 Volume density g/cm3 ≥3.6
3 Water absorption % 0
4 Thermal conductivity W/m·K( 25℃) 22.4
5 Coefficient of thermal expansion X(10-6)/℃ (20-1000℃) 8.2
6 Flexural strength Mpa 340
7 Compressive strength Mpa 2103
8 Tensile strength Mpa 193
9 Hardness ROCKWELL 45N 78
10 Withstand voltage K Vac/mm 8.3
11 Dielectric constant @1MHz 9.1
12 Dielectric loss angle @1MHz 0.0004
13 Volume resistivity @25℃ 1×10-14
@500℃ 4×10-9
@1000℃ 5×105

Metallized Ceramic Insulators Features:

1. The ceramic material is with even texture, each batch has stability quality and flexural strength.
2. Metal layer is dense, constant, smooth and good weldability.
3. Excellent electrical insulation, low dielectric constant, good abrasion, and corrosion resistance.
4. High tensile strength, good airtightness to meet the requirement of the high-frequency, high-power and safe electrical components.

Metallized Ceramic Insulators Application:

Semiconductor packaging, TO packaging, Fiber optic device shell, Laser Shell, Vacuum electronic devices, LED accessories etcs.