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Ceramic Setter Plate

Innovacera manufactures ceramic setter plates for high demands on geometry and material quality for your components. The setter plate is widely use for sintering and debinding of metal injection molding, ceramic injection molding, piezoelectric ceramic transducer (PZT) or Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC) products.

Alumina Ceramic Plate

As setter plates, alumina, boron nitride and aluminum nitride ceramics offer decisive advantages over conventional setters made from materials like graphite or tungsten. This enables energy and cost-efficient processing of high-precision sintering components.

Ceramic sintering tray and setter plates assist optimally array and fix molded parts in a sintering furnace to prevent brown part deformations during the firing process.

Properties of Ceramic Setter Plate

  • dust-free and particle-free surface
  • homogeneous pore size distribution
  • good mechanical strength with the high porosity
  • easy machinable,big customized dimensions of the setter possible
  • very good planarity and surface quality
  • homogenous shrinking through unimpeded shrinkage
  • absorption of the binder into the pores during the debinding process

Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3) ceramic setter plate

Lower cost and its the most popular ceramic setter plate for Metal Injection Molding, max service temperature up to 1600°C(in air).

Boron Nitride(HBN) ceramic setter plate

Soft like graphite called “white graphite”, medium cost, long service life time, and used as setter plate for sintering high temperature up to 2100°C(Insert Gas)

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic setter plate

AlN ceramics is the basis for low lateral temperature differences and results in homogeneous thermal distribution within the sintering components.
Properties A-997

Aluminum Oxide


Boron Nitride


Aluminum Nitride

Color Ivory White Dark Gray
Porosity Vol 0~10% 25% 0
Main Content 99.7% 99.7% 95%
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 3.9 1.6 3.3
Bending Strength (MPa) 320-340 18 382.7
Coefficient Linear Thermal Expansion (X10-6/℃) 7.6 1.5 2.805
Max Using Temperature (℃) 1600 2100 1850

The setter plate maximum dimensions, such as 350 x 350 mm, enable a high packing density. These setter plates can be stacked with integrated cavities on request thereby ensuring fast, effective sintering furnace charging. This makes optimal use of furnace volume and energy expenditure, which results in a fully energetically optimized sintering process.