technical ceramic solutions


Metallized Ceramics

Innovacera supplies precision metallized ceramic components in aluminum oxide ceramics for the military, medical, and aerospace industries. Through spray, needle, and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metallized on flat, cylindrical, and complex ceramic bodies. Moly-Manganese is the typical base coat materials used for metallization.

Metallized Ceramic Components

Metallized Ceramics Applications:

  • Ceramic Feed-through insulators,
  • Ceramic Headers,
  • Ceramic High-power receptacles,
  • Ceramic Insulating discs,
  • Ceramic Insulator rings and cylinders,
  • Ceramic Precipitator products,
  • Ceramic Power switches,
  • Ceramic Traveling wave tubes,
  • Ceramic Vacuum interrupters,
  • Ceramic components for Windows,
  • Ceramic Power grid tubes,
  • X-ray Ceramic tubes

Metallized Ceramics Joining types:

  • Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ni
  • Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ag
  • Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Au
  • Ceramic + printing Ag

Special types are available according to customer’s drawings or samples