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99% Alumina Crucible

The 99% Alumina Crucible offers exceptional heat resistance, mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance. It’s ideal for various applications including electronic components, positive electrode materials, PZT materials, luminescent materials, and molten metal containment. With stability in harsh environments and excellent electrical insulation, it’s a versatile choice for demanding industries.

High Temperature and High Purity Alumina Crucible

99% Alumina Crucible Feature:

  • Excellent heat resistance and high strength at high temperature
  • High mechanical strength
  • High heat conduction and excellent thermal shock resistance
  • It is stable to chemicals and molten metal, and has excellent corrosion resistance under high temperature
  • The oxidation and reduction atmosphere is extremely stable at high temperature
  • Good electrical insulation at high temperature

99% Alumina Crucible Applications:

  • Piezoelectric, dielectric and other electronic component materials
  • Positive electrode material
  • PZT material
  • Luminescent material
  • Cinii article – molten metal
  • NAS reservoir material

Main Technical Data:

Al2O3 ≥99%
Color Yellow
Specific Density 3.9 g⁄cm³
Hardness 15 Gpa
Elastic Modulus 55000 N
Compressive Strength 2082 MPa
Flexural Strength 326 MPa
Tensile Strength 131 MPa (20)
Fracture Toughness 5.42 MPa·m1/2
Poisson’s Ratio 0.18