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Beryllia Ceramic Components More Applications

Beryllia ceramic components provide more product strength, more reliability, more miniaturization, more weight savings, and more thermal management in the world.

Beryllia ceramics have a very high thermal conductivity which is second only to diamond in the insulator material. Its superior performance at high temperatures has created a market demand for beryllium oxide ceramic (BeO). No other material can economically deliver the same performance and reliability demanded by today’s high-tech products and systems.

Beryllia ceramic features:

  1. Low Dielectric Constant
  2. High Electrical Resistivity
  3. Superior Thermal Conductivity
  4. Easy and Effective Metallization
  5. More Consistent Heat Dissipation
  6. Low coefficients of thermal expansion
  7. Better Uniformity of Crystalline Structure
  8. More Durable in Semiconductor Chamber Cleaning Environments

Beryllia ceramic application:

  • MRI machines
  • High power electronics
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Microwave communications
  • Transmitters for radio frequency
  • Oil and gas exploration equipment
  • Long-range fiber optic transmission
  • Laser energy used in medical eye surgery
  • Missile guidance systems in military industry
  • Industrial laser metal-cutting and marking equipment
  • Airplane and satellite communications systems in aerospace field
  • Support components and assemblies in avionics conversion circuitsBeryllia Ceramic Component Features
    Beryllia Ceramic Components Applications

    Beryllia Ceramic Components Applications

    Beryllia Ceramic Component Features