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Ceramic and Metal Medical X-Ray Tubes: The Future of Analytical Instruments Components

Innovacera Advanced Materials is a leading manufacturer of medical X-ray components, specializing in the production of a comprehensive range of products that combine the precision of metal with the exceptional properties of ceramics. Our expertise in Analytical Instruments Components is evident in the high-quality anodes, cathodes, X-ray tubes, and getter assemblies we produce. We leverage our advanced Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing technology to provide robust and reliable components that are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the X-ray market.


Our medical X-ray products are designed to seamlessly integrate various metal components with high-purity alumina (Al₂O₃) ceramics, which are known for their hermetic sealing properties. The use of Alumina X-ray power tube in our products ensures improved repeatability of focal spot positioning, longer tube life, and unmatched spectral purity. The flexibility in our design allows for customization to meet specific customer needs, while our consistent and repeatable manufacturing processes ensure cost-competitive production.


Metallized Ceramic cylinder


The hermetic Ceramic used in our components is a key factor in their reliability. It reduces the risk of seal leaks, offers thermal shock resistance, and is not limited by size constraints. The superior electrical performance of our components, which includes the use of hermetic Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing, allows for higher power and safety margin designs. Our innovative technologies extend the lifespan of X-ray tubes and highlight the many specific application benefits of combining ceramic and metal in our components.


We also offer custom solutions for other ceramic-to-metal components, such as feedthroughs and multi-pin headers, which are essential for Analytical Instruments Components that require precision and reliability.


For more information about our medical X-ray tubes and how our advanced technologies can benefit your applications, please contact us today.