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Ceramic Biomass Igniter

Ceramic Biomass Igniter

Ceramic Biomass Igniter is for igniting wood, pellets, and other biomass fuels.

Innovacera specialized in hot surface igniters. And we have many years of experience.

These advanced igniters are the best igniter for lighting pellet and biomass burners. The ceramic igniter is at a considerably high temperature. It is about twice as a traditional metal igniter. The ignition times are reduced to as little as 60s.

It makes them more economic.

The benefit of ceramic igniters:
1. Long lasting
2. Fast ignition
3. Long life, testing to 100000 circles.
4. Long lasting below 1000 degree temperature.
5. Ignite wood chips, split logs, coal briquettes, and other biomass fuel.

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