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Ceramic Pumps for Pilot Plant Fluid Control

Ceramic Pumps for Pilot Plant Fluid Control

Fluid Metering’s valveless, ceramic pumps are designed for pilot plant fluid control. The sapphire-hard internal components of the pumps eliminate accuracy drift typical of pumping systems that rely on valves and elastomers (flexible tubing and diaphragms) to move fluid through the pump. The valveless rotating/reciprocation piston design eliminates the need for check valves, which can clog, leak or fail over time. The result is a maintenance free, drift-free fluid control that will hold an accuracy of 1 percent or better for millions of cycles. Flowrates can be infinitely controlled either mechanically and/or electronically via standard industrial control protocols. Flow control is viscosity-independent for added flowrate stability. Pump models are available to dispense as low as 5 µL per dispense up to 4 L per minute continuous metering.