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Ceramic Reflectors

Ceramic Reflector

Our ceramic reflectors work particularly well in Ruby and Nd:YAG laser pumping chambers and can be a highly cost effective alternative to metal coated reflectors. They are also extensively used as reflectors in housings for high intensity lamps.

Ceramic reflectors can be glazed both inside the cavity and the out surface using a highly reflective glaze that seals the ceramic against ingress of cooling fluids that may alter the refractive index, introduce impurities and reduce reflectance and efficiencies. Glaze can also act as filters and our yellow glazed reflectors have been used successfully in certain applications. The visible yellow colour is complementary to the spectral colours violet and indigo and effectively absorbs these wavelengths up to around 450 nm.

Reflectivity of INNOVACERA® ceramic laser reflectors

Typical applications
Ceramic Reflectors For Beauty and IPL Applications
Ceramic Reflectors For Diode-pumped Solid-state Lasers
Ceramic Reflectors For Lamp-pumped Solid-state Lasers