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How to solve the problem of fragile ceramic parts?

Zirconia Ceramic

As we all know, advanced ceramics are special material with a variety of physical properties. They as structural ceramics and functional ceramics apply in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, aerospace and many other fields.

But ceramics have an obvious disadvantage-fragility. The main reason is that the toughness of most ceramics is low, which leads to an increase in brittleness.

There is a ceramic – zirconia with high toughness. It is formed by thousands of unit cells to form crystals. It then undergoes high-temperature phase transformation to form microcrystalline ceramics so that the ceramics have excellent wear resistance and drop resistance and high-temperature resistance.

ZrO2 ceramic products are white. When the ceramic contains other impurities, the ceramic is grey or yellow. Commonly used moulding processes are injection and dry press. They are usually made into crucibles, mobile phone cases, ceramic shafts, abrasive materials, refractory materials, etc.

It is believed that in the near future, the excellent characteristics of zirconia ceramics will be widely used in more fields.