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Innovacera Zirconia Ceramic Blades Are Widely Used For Slitting Machine

Innvocera develops many styles of zirconia ceramic blades for any application. One range of ceramic blades is widely used for slitting machine which is using for cutting the paper, packaging, rubber, fibre, plastics, film, foil, mat board and so on.

Zirconia ceramic razor slitting blades advantages:

  • Very hard, equal to RC 75
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Protect against static build-up
  • Better cutting performance in high temperature applications
  • Offer a low friction coefficient making them ideal for low shock slitting
  • In the low shock conversion environments ceramic blades can often hold their edge up to 100 times longer than blades made from conventional tool steels.

Innovacera have ability and experiences to create industrial blades of customized angle or shape, any ceramic blades request, welcome to contact us.

ceramic blades

ceramic blades