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MCH Heater VS PTC Heater

MCH Heater VS PTC Heater

What’s the difference between MCH heater and PTC heater?

MCH heater is short for metal ceramic heater. It is a new type heater which is high efficient and  more environmental, energy saving. It can save to save more than 20% to 30% power effect compare to PTC heater. It has great insulation performance. MCH heater widely used in all kinds of Industry. Such as hair flat iron, soldering iron, soldering station, water heating, pellet boiler, e-cig, 3D printer etc.

MCH heater is rapid heating. It can reach to 900 degree in 50 seconds.

PTC heater is short for positive temperature coefficient and widely used for their enable safe, powerful and energy efficient heat transfer. The application of power on the PTC can work with very safety system, you will never worry about the overheating even you forgot to switch off your application after working.

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