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Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. Awarded 3-Year Contract with Backer EHP

Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. (TTC) announced today that it has been awarded a three (3) year contract with Backer EHP for mass production of approximately 45 Million ceramic parts per the contract terms. The specialized ceramic parts consist of various electrical insulators made of Steatite, a crystalline form of magnesium silicate, which offers superior strength and safety for temperatures up to 2,000° F. TTC has proudly served the electrical market for more than 25 years and continues to be a trusted partner offering high quality products and superior customer service, at competitive prices.

Headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN with an additional plant located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico- Backer EHP has been a leader in electric heat applications for almost 100 years. Formerly known as Chromalox, Backer EHP is globally recognized for providing high quality products for the cooking, water heater, dish washing, lighting and HVAC markets. For more information about Backer EHP you may visit them on the web at

Texas Technical Ceramics, Inc. (TTC) is proudly located in Willis, Texas and offers advanced ceramic products to an array of markets to include: electrical, oil and gas, power, agriculture, aerospace and defense. Established in 1981, TTC offers superior products that meet and exceed the expectations of its global customers by providing cost efficient solutions with high quality and quick-turn production. TTC has extensive experience with custom and mass production of parts using the most innovative materials such as Alumina, Cordierite, Spinel, Wollastonite, YTZ and Zirconia.

For more information about this project or to discuss your ceramic manufacturing needs, please contact Jeff Lassinger at (724)-353-1585 or by email at You may visit TTC’s new website coming soon at or its partner company