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Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflector

  • Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflectors Company

    Ceramic Reflector Technology Data: Material: 96% Al2O3 Specifications: Color: White Size: 16(0,+0.3)*26(0,-0.3)*92(0,-0.5)mm Bulk density (fired): 3.1 Mg/m3 Porosity: 22% 97% reflectance efficiency at 600-1000nm Reflectance efficiency exceeds…

  • Ceramic Laser Reflector for Pump Chamber Company

    High purity porous alumina ceramic of 99% Al2O3 content, used extensively for long-life Ceramic Laser Reflector. This material is sintered at high temperatures to achieve a controlled porosity. Prime Features Surfaces can be sealed and co…