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2022 China Laser Market Forecast Analysis

Innovacera ceramic reflector is widely used for Lamp-pumped Solid-state Lasers. Solid state lasers in military, processing, medical, and scientific research fields have important functions. It is commonly used for ranging, tracking, guidance, drilling, cutting and welding, annealing of semiconductor materials, micro-machining of electronic devices, atmospheric detection, spectral research, surgery, ophthalmic surgery, plasma diagnosis, pulsed holography, and laser nuclear fusion.

The ceramic reflector is used for Lamp-pumped Solid-state Lasers

The ceramic reflector is used for Lamp-pumped Solid-state Lasers

The Laser is a device that can emit a laser. According to the working medium, the laser can be divided into the gas laser, solid state laser, semiconductor laser, and dye laser. Recently, free electron lasers have been developed. High power lasers are usually pulsed output.

1. Market scale
China’s laser industry develops rapidly and has obvious competitive advantages. The proportion of the global laser market has also continued to improve, with the scale of the Chinese laser market in 2020 reaching 10.91 billion USD market size, accounting for 66.12% of the global laser market. It is expected to reach a market size of $14.74 billion in 2022.

The chart of forecast trend of Chinese laser market

The chart of the forecast trend of the Chinese laser market scale
Data source: Laser Focus World, China Business Industry Research Institute

2. Market share
Due to the excellent performance and strong applicability of fiber lasers, the market share has rapidly increased in the past decade. The fiber laser is more than half of the market, compared with solid laser, gas laser, semiconductor laser, etc., with an obvious leading position.

The percentage of all kinds of Lasers in China

The percentage of all kinds of Lasers in China

With the growth and accumulation of solid laser technology for many years, now the type of solid-state laser is more diverse, but the high frequency use is ruby, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet(Nd3+:YAG), diode pumped solid laser, and tunable solid laser and so on.