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5% Discount for Innovacera Ceramic Igniter

August is coming soon! At the same time, august is Innovacera’s anniversary. In order to celebrate it and and feedback new and old customers, we will launch a promotion for igniters. Get 5% off all ceramic igniter orders throughout August.

ceramic igniter

ceramic igniter

INNOVACERA offers ceramic igniters for hot surface ignition systems in heating applications. These high strength, heat resistant ceramic igniters have become an industry standard in gas heating systems. Their superior materials and rapid heating capabilities provide reliable performance over a long useful life.
Applications include:
• Straw burner
• Other biomass burner
• Wood pellet burner
• Wood chips burner
• Other biomass burner
• And more
INNOVACERA offers two styles of ceramic igniters, white and black ceramic igniters. Both leveraging strong properties including:
• Ready assembled, easy-to-install systems
• Space-saving, noiseless and impervious to
overheating (in case the blower fails)
• Extremely long-lasting and resilient
• Minimal energy consumption
• Completely electrically insulated
• No exposed electrical contacts
• No sensitive welding points
• Long lasting (non aging)
• Time to ignition 60~90 seconds
• Available in 100V / 120V / 220V / 240VAC
Some igniter specifications are as follows:

Model Voltage/Power Size Wire
INC-H1-1/2/3/4 230V 90*Φ10.5*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INC-H2-1/2 230V 160W/180W 90*Φ10.5*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INC-H3-1 120V 230W 90*Φ10.5*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INC-H4-1/2 230V 350W/300W 108*Φ11.5*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INC-H5-1/2/3/ 230V 150W/170W 70*Φ10.5*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INC-H5-4 230V 230W 70*Φ84-133*φ6.5mm 300-500mm
INH-1-230 230V 270W-315W 106*11.5

This table is only a partial ceramic igniter specification. For more information please contact us.
In addition to regular sizes and specifications, we also accept customized. Don’t miss this discount, contact us with no hesitation!