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Alumina Ceramic Pellet Stove Igniter 120V 230V

A pellet stove igniter is a very important component in pellet stoves, which are widely used for heating  pellet burners, pellet stove, pellet boiler, gas heating systems and so on.Generally, pellet igniter is responsible for initiating the combustion process by igniting the wood pellets.

Different voltages are used in different power systems. Typically, you can find pellet stove igniters designed for either 120V or 230V power systems. The voltage requirement should be specified by the manufacturer for the particular igniter model.

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A 120V pellet stove igniter is designed to operate with a standard 120-volt electrical supply commonly found in North America. On the other hand, a 230V pellet stove igniter is designed for use with a 230-volt electrical supply, which is more commonly used in European countries and other parts of the world.

It is essential to match the voltage requirement of the pellet boiler igniter with the power supply available in your specific location. Using an igniter with the incorrect voltage can lead to improper functioning or potential damage to the igniter and the stove.

When purchasing a wood pellet stove, make sure that you select the correct voltage option based on your electrical system’s specifications and the requirements specified by the stove manufacturer. It’s always recommended to consult the stove manufacturer’s documentation or contact their customer support for guidance on the appropriate igniter voltage for your specific pellet stove model.

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