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BN Nozzle for Metal Gas Atomisation

Boron Nitride is oxidation and corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for high-temperature processes such as steel processing and ceramic manufacturing.
Key features:
1. Inert – oxidation resistant up to 850ºC in air, 2000ºC inert atmospheres
2. Resistant to corrosion by most molten metals
3. Non-toxic

BN Nozzle for Metal Gas Atomisation

BN Nozzle for Metal Gas Atomisation

It is a ceramic with a high melting point; it is tough enough to prevent cracks; it has high thermal shock resistance, and it’s easily machinable. In addition, molten metals cannot ‘wet’ the surface of boron nitride, which means that it is not easily clogged during the atomization process.

Under high vacuum, boron nitride can survive up to 1800 °C. A gas atmosphere can push this even further to 2100 °C. This means that boron nitride will remain solid through the melting of most metals.

Boron nitride has a very low thermal expansion. Together with the high heat conductivity, this ensures that the material has very high shock resistance. It can easily withstand the rapid gradations in temperature inside the atomizer. It does not break or crack under thermal stresses.

It is also highly machinable, allowing us to make small threads, holes, and other finer details with high precision and tolerance. Nozzles made from boron nitride can be easily customized, allowing confined as well as free geometries.