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Boron Nitride Ceramic For Plasma Application

Boron Nitride Ceramic For Plasma Application

Boron nitride ceramics (BN) are unique in plasma environments for their resistance to the sputtering and low propensity to generate secondary ions, even in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. Sputter resistance helps extend component life, while low secondary ion generation helps maintain the integrity of the plasma environment.

Therefore, boron nitride ceramics (BN) are widely used to confine the plasma arc in the sputtering chamber to the target material and prevent the erosion of integral components in the process chamber.

Boron Nitride’s (BN) main products for plasma application include arc shields and guides, target frames, shields, and gaskets used in the manufacture of PVD plasma chambers.

At the same time, boron nitride ceramics (BN) are also used in Hall-effect thrusters using plasma as a propulsion method for orbiting satellites and deep space probes.

Innovacera can provide pure boron nitride and composite boron nitride including BN+Si; BN+ZrO2.