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How to use ceramic cavity reflectors for Nd:YAG lasers?

ceramic cavity reflectors

The ceramic reflectors used in Nd:YAG lasers are with reflection 97% at wavelength 600-1000nm and 95% reflection at wavelength 400-1200nm. Today let’s talk about the cautions when you use ceramic reflectors.

  • Do not put high pressure on it during transportation. When the size is not suitable for the pump chamber, don’t put the ceramic reflectors into the chamber by force.
  • Half glazing ceramic reflectors must be sealed with the chamber in order to avoid cooling liquid indrawing. Or the reflection may go down quickly.
  • Do not scratch the reflector during assembly and maintenance, or the reflection will go down quickly.
  • Please choose correct cooling system line & material of equipment in short-wave(eg.755nm) high-temperature system, or the metallic oxide which is dissociated from them will pollute the ceramic reflectors.