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Ceramic igniter for pellet boiler

Ceramic igniter for pellet boiler

Our ceramic heating elements consist of Al2O3 insulation ceramics with an integrated W conductor, and reach a permanent operation temperature of between 800°C and 1000°C.

Igniter’ feature:
1. Heating applications above 750°C, in which standard heating cartridges would have long since failed.
2. Exact, rapid heating due to the extremely low thermal mass.
3. Efficient hot gas generation through the extremely large heat transfer surface area.

Igniter’ applications:
1. Hot surface igniters (ignition of gas, oil, biomass, pellets)
2. Hot air generation
3. Tool heating
4. Melting / Welting / Soldering / Hot air soldering
5. Heaters for chemical analysis and laboratory equipment (eg: min-furnaces, reactors)
6. Customer-specific heating solutions.

Igniter’ advantages:
1. Extremely fast and hot (Permanently at 1100°C, for the short term up to 1300°C)
2. Extremely energy-efficient
3. Resistant to thermal stress(rapid switching is easily tolerated)
4. Very corrosion-resistant
5. Practically non-ageing
6. Electrical contacts using patented high-temperature-resistant plug connector
7. Integrated temperature measurement possible using platinum conductor. Heater and sensor in one!

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