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What tests do ceramic heating elements have to do before they leave the factory?

Real-time data measured by infrared thermometer

What tests do ceramic heating elements have to do before they leave the factory?
1) Power-on test
2) Insulation resistance detection
3) Leakage Current Test
4) High-voltage insulation test
5) Peel force test
6) Temperature rise measurement
7) Life test
8) measurement
9) Appearance & Dimension test
10) Packing inspection
11) Other Special Requirements from customer

Here are some of our test video.
Video content:
1. Conventional power-on test
2. Power on test
3. Composite ceramics, lead does not fall off at 800℃ P1837
4. Life test
5. Temperature test (Temperature behavior at different voltages)
6. Real-time data measured by infrared thermometer
7. Infrared thermometer (range of 900 degrees), HHHH means out of range, over top 900℃
8. Power on test, non-routine test
9. Power measurement, Innovacera hot surface igniter for Biomass Pellet Stove

How to make HTCC ceramic heater?

INNOVACERA specializes in producing ceramic heating elements, which are first printed with tungsten metal on a ceramic casting body and then sintered together through hot-pressed lamination under the protection of 1600℃ hydrogen atmosphere. The components have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, fast thermal compensation, etc. They do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl ether, polybrominated diphenyl ether and other harmful substances, and meet the requirements of RoHS, REACH and other environmental protection requirements. Meanwhile, HTCC ceramic heating element is an environment-friendly and energy-saving heating element. Compared with PTC ceramic heating element, it has the advantage of saving 20 ~ 30% of electric energy under the same efficiency of heating. HTCC ceramic heater are widely used in welding platform, electric soldering iron, automotive oxygen sensor and intelligent toilet and other electrical and equipment.

The following is the detail production process:

With professional R&D team, advanced equipments and strictly on-line production quality control system, best solution will be provide.

Customization is acceptable and welcome!
For more information, please send email to or call +86 0592-5589730

Ceramic heating stick for E-cigarettes

Ceramic heating stick for E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heaters can provide higher reliability than ever before. Currently, which working temperature from 0~250C suitable for E-Cig, herb atomizer/vaporizer/Herb Vaporizer. It is applicable to a variety of herb heating vaporizer product because moderate temperature distribution can be obtained by the heater design. Such as IQOS E-cigarette

Voltage: 3.7V, 5V, 7.4V, 12V

It enjoys great advantages of its compact size, light weight, energy saving and long life time ect. Detail as below :

  • Long life: airproof constructurefor conquering the disintegration problem
  • Quick temperature rise and stable temperatures can be achieved–usefulness for every required heat setting
  • Excellentinsulativity
  • Energy efficient and high efficiency thermal conductivity– be able to generate heat internally and externally simultaneously.
  • Compact structure
  • Equalized heat distribution and high power density.
  • Safe and eco-friendly electronic product complying to the RoHS requirements:MCH contains no harmful materials.
  • High cost performance.

With professional R&D team, advanced equipments and strictly on-line production quality control system, best products will be supplied.

Ceramic heater which using in 3D printer

Ceramic heater which using in 3D printer

Innovacera produce ceramic heater which using in 3D printer. The working temperature is from 300-800 degree.

It enjoys great advantages of its compact size, light weight, energy saving and long life.

Usual Specifications:
Dimension: According to customer request.
Voltage: 3.7-230V
Resistance: According to request.
Dielectric Strength: 3750V, 5s, Leakage current <= 0.5mA Flexural Strength: >= 300 Mpa
Heating Temperature: Max 900 degree.

OEM is acceptable!

The suitable design ceramic heater for your heating management system!

Do you require ceramic heater/heating elements for normal applications, such as for ignition or hot air generation for Biomass Burner?

Or are you looking for a tailor-made solution for laboratory equipment or special machines?

High temperature ceramic heating elements from Innovacera are the suitable choice for you!

Our heating elements prove their value where normal heating cartridges have long since failed: In the temperature range above 800°C.

Alumina Ceramics-heating elements with system:

1).Maximum element temperature: 900°C in permanent and alternating operation, for a short time up to 1,200°C

2).Just a few seconds heating up time (depending on the component geometry)

3).Controllable throughout the entire temperature range

4).Electrically fully insulated from the inside and outside

5).High load-bearing capacity (thermal shock resistance, cycles)

6).Extremely oxidation and corrosion-resistant

We offer you high quality heating elements from our standard product range:

Tube-shaped heating elements;

Performance data: 120 – 350W, 1,000°C, 230Vac or 120Vac

Rod-shaped heaters; performance data: 50W, 1,000°C, 12-120V

Rod-shaped micro-heaters; performance data: 20W, 1,000°C, 6-12V

Flat heating elements up to max.800°C

We can do ceramic heating element according to your design.


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