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Ceramic Heater Used in FFF 3D Printer

Innovacera developed ceramic heater used in FFF 3D pinter to replace the metal heaters, which speed up the heating time and improve the printing accuracy and speed.

Ceramic heater used in 3D printer
The Advantages of ceramic heater:
1. Small size;
2. Fast heating rate;
3. More uniform thermal performance, and thermal efficiency;
4. To integrate with thermistor, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate temperature control;
5. To improve the printing accuracy and speed;

MCH heater used in 3D printer
MCH heater technology:

Design Diameter/Length/Width Tolerance Thickness
Tube/Rod D:2.5~12 D: Above 8mm±0.3mm
L:10~120 LAbove80±2.0mm
Plate:Square L:10~100 Above:70±2mm 0.5~2
W:5-50 Below:70±1mm
Plate:Round D:10~70 Above:30±2mm 0.5~2

Regular size and specification:

NO Model Size Resistance Voltage Shape Material
1 E0863TB OD6.3*ID5.2*8mm 0.25-0.4Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
2 E1416TA OD16*ID14.4*14mm 0.45-0.65Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
3 E13295TA D2.95*13mm 0.25-0.4Ω 5V Rod 95%Alumina
4 E13596TA OD9.6*ID8*13.5mm 0.45-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
5 E112015TA OD19.85*ID13.3*11mm 0.4-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
6 E131684FA OD16*ID7*13.8mm 0.4-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
7 E141895TA OD17.6*ID16.6*14mm 0.5Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
8 P1100TB D11*0.8mm 0.5-0.7Ω 3.7V Plate 95%Alumina