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Ceramic Heater Used For Vaporizer

Innovacera developed ceramic heating element used for vaporizer.
The most common heating elements in a vape are made from metal, glass and ceramic. What are their differences? Which is better to be used for vaporizer?

95% Alumina Circular Ceramic Heater 12V for Evaporator
Metal heating elements conduct heat quickly, so they heat fast and adapt well to temperature changes. However, some metal heating elements can infuse vapor with metal particles. Inhaling these particles can damage the lungs and may be dangerous. So metal heating elements is not a good choice for vaporizer.
Glass is not a favored option. As glass is too delicate for an entire portable vaporizer. It’s also far more expensive than ceramic, and without any additional benefits.
Ceramic heating elements are considered the highest quality for vaporizers. First, ceramic is considered the safest heating method for vaporizers since they do not carry metal particles into the vapor. Our ceramic heater material is with Rohs and Reach certification.

INNOVACERA 95% Alumina Circular Ceramic Heater 12V for Evaporator
The Advantages of ceramic heater:
1. Small size;
2. Fast heating rate;
3. More uniform thermal performance, and thermal efficiency;
4. To integrate with thermistor, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate temperature control;
5. Safety
MCH heater technology:

Design Diameter/Length/Width Tolerance Thickness
Tube/Rod D:2.5~12 D: Above 8mm±0.3mm
Plate:Square L:10~100 Above:70±2mm 0.5~2
Plate:Round D:10~70 Above:30±2mm 0.5~2

Regular size and specification:

NO Model Size Resistance Voltage Shape Material
1 E0863TB OD6.3*ID5.2*8mm 0.25-0.4Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
2 E1416TA OD16*ID14.4*14mm 0.45-0.65Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
3 E13295TA D2.95*13mm 0.25-0.4Ω 5V Rod 95%Alumina
4 E13596TA OD9.6*ID8*13.5mm 0.45-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
5 E112015TA OD19.85*ID13.3*11mm 0.4-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
6 E131684FA OD16*ID7*13.8mm 0.4-0.6Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
7 E141895TA OD17.6*ID16.6*14mm 0.5Ω 3.7V Tube 95%Alumina
8 P1100TB D11*0.8mm 0.5-0.7Ω 3.7V Plate 95%Alumina