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What kind of heating element can have a built-in K-type thermocouple?

INNOVACERA recently launched a small aluminum nitride ceramic heating element. Made of aluminum nitride ceramic with high thermal conductivity. Has excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation properties.
With its properties of electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is required. In addition, since it offers a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) near that of silicon, and excellent plasma resistance, it is used for semiconductor processing equipment components.

Small Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Element

Small Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Element Characteristics

The heater can have a built-in K-type thermocouple, so it has good temperature sensing characteristics, improves its responsiveness to rapid heating and cooling, and can be used safely.
Fast heating and cooling
The aluminum nitride substrate with high thermal conductivity can be used to achieve rapid heating and cooling, and the thermal expansion rate can be used according to the material properties to design under high power density, so it can also be used for rapid heating and cooling (both 150℃/ sec) temperature cycle.
Excellent electrical performance
Excellent insulation and voltage resistance at high temperatures

Small Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Element Features

Thermal properties Physical properties Electrical characteristics
Thermal conductivity 150(W/mK) Density 3.2(g/cm3) Voltage 12V~240V
Thermal expansion coefficient 4.5 (ppm/℃) Hardness 1050 (Hv@500g) Leakage <1mA
Flexure strength >250 (Mpa) Capacitivity 8.9
Insulation voltage 15KV/mm


Small Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Element Application

Automotive Components
Glow Plug
Igniter for Cabin Heater
Heater for Oxygen Sensor
Kerosene and Gas Appliances
Heater for Vaporizer
Industrial Heater Applications
Heater for Soldering Iron
Heater for Hair Iron
Bonding Heater
Seal Heater
Water-Heating Applications
Heater for Toilet Water
Bath Water Heater
Steam Boiler Heater
Liquid Heater for Small Appliances