technical ceramic solutions

High precision silicon nitride balls, roller for bearing, pump valve

High precision silicon nitride ceramic balls, roller for bearing, pump valve

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) feature:

  • High strength, fracture toughness and erosion resistance for improved durability
  • Helps extend the life of sucker rod pumps, bearings
  • Withstands extreme temperatures of deepwater environments
  • Weighs 60% less than steel with significant friction reduction
  • Provides high contact fatigue resistance
  • Offers temperature resistance up to 1100°C

Required Properties and its Application examples

  • High speed: Machining tools: turbo chargers, HDD spindle motors
  • Corrosion resistant: Chemical plant equipment, semiconductor-manufacturing equipment
  • High temperature: Heat treatment furnace parts
  • High vacuum Turbo molecular pumps
  • High insulation: Electric motors
  • Ultra-low temperature: Turbo pumps for space shuttles

INNOVACERA silicon nitride materials and components are produced using unique compositions and processing techniques. INNOVACERA silicon nitride is processed by gas pressure sintering, which results in a fully dense and nonporous microstructure of interlocking needle-shaped grains. This, combined with the natural toughness of silicon nitride, provides outstanding contact fatigue resistance and mechanical reliability.