technical ceramic solutions

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Weld Location Pins

Ceramic materials have long replaced metal in the production of welding pins, which ensure a perfect fit for sheet metal and nuts in projection welding and are subject to temperatures of up to 800°C.

Gas-pressure sintered silicon nitride ceramics from INNOVACERA are at a distinct advantage here:
Extreme hardness and flexural strength
High thermal shock resistance
Electrical insulation
Temperature resistance
High tensile strength and compressive strength
Fewer cold welds
No welding spatter adhesion

Ceramic welding pins made of silicon nitride significantly increase service life and enable high levels of precision and greater accuracy over extended periods in projection welding. Metal welding pins often need to be replaced several times a day due to wear and adhering slag, whereas centring pins made of silicon nitride ceramic only need to be replaced about once a month.