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How to make boron nitride ceramic part?

When we make boron nitride ceramic part, generally we make big billet, our billet max size is 420 * 430 * 220 mm, and then machine it as other small part or customized shape part. In the producing process, we separated powder with graphite mould by graphite paper to make sure there is no reaction between them.

Boron Nitride is easy to machine it, so we can machine it by common tool and we machine it without water or other liquid. We also have precision CNC engraving and milling machine to make high precision part. Generally the best tolerance we make is +/-0.03 mm (small part) or +/-0.05 mm for bigger part.

Our BN part Produce process is as belows: Powder granulation – Put Powder in the graphite mould–Prepare Dry – Hot Press with sintering-Machine.

In the sintering process, the product is Sintering together with hot pressing. Our sintering furnace is pressing is from both the top an bottom that can make the product is more dense and uniform to make sure the quality, some other factory sintering furnace is just pressing from one side only. Our factory total have 9 sets sintering furnace and it was designed by our own engineer who are from the famous university. Our 99% BN ceramic part sintering temperature is 2000℃ and the compound boron nitride sintering temperature is 1850℃。

Innovacera boron nitride part such as ceramic insulator part for furnaces, ceramic crucibles and boats for molten melting, nozzles for powder metal gas atomization and amorphous strips are hot sales products.

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