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LaB6 Ceramics

LaB6 Ceramic is an inorganic non- metallic compound composed of low-valence boron and the rare metal element lanthanum. It is a refractory ceramic that could resist high temperature and harsh environments. LaB6 ceramic has lots of applications due to its ideal thermal, chemical, and electronic properties.
As LaB6 ceramic has the characteristics of high emission current density and low evaporation rate at high temperature, it always work as a cathode material with superior performance and has gradually replaced some tungsten cathodes in industrial applications.


1. Excellent thermal shock resistance
2. Good electrical conductivity
3. Excellent chemical and oxidation resistance
4.High electron emissivities
5.Stable in Vacuum


• Scanning Electron Microscopes
• Transmission Electron Microscopes
• Electron Micro Probe Analyzers
• Electron Lithography Systems
• Electron Accelerators
• Thermal Cathode

LaB6 Ceramics

Here is the LaB6 Disc:
It has good performance like high conductivity, good stability and slow evaporation rate, which is used as the cathode material in many field of modern technology such as plasma generators, mass spectrometers, electronic micromirrors and electronics.
LaB6 disc is used
1. manufacturing components such as nozzles, turbine blades, and combustion chambers for aerospace engines.
2. Used as corrosion-rsistant seals and valve components for handling corrosive media and process fluids under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.
3. Used to fabricate nuclear fuel elements, control rods, and reactor components.
4. Used as refractory materials for furnaces and smelting equipment.
Used to produce high-temperature capacitors, heating elements, and dielectric support materials.

Technical Data of LaB6

Product LaB6
Lot Number IN20230403-01-02
Analysis Item Impurity Element Content
Analytical Technique Inductively
Test Result Chemical Composition Test Result (ppm)
B 31.25
La 68.47
Ce 10
Pr 12
Nd 10
Sm 15
Y 10
Fe 25
Si 11
Ca 8
Pb 10
Mo 10
Si 10
Mn 5
P 5
S 3
Particle Size -300 mesh



LaB6 Ceramic Disc

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