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Q&A Regarding MCH Heater

  1. What is MCH heater?

MCH heater is the abbreviation of metal ceramic heaters.

It refers to a ceramic heating element in which a meta tungsten or molybdenum manganese paste is printed on a ceramic casting body and laminated by hot pressing and then co-fired at 1600°C, in a hydrogen atmosphere to co-sinter ceramic and metal.

What is MCH heater

2.What is the advantages of MCH heater?

MCH ceramic heating element is high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. ceramic heating element, which is mainly used to replace the most widely used alloy wire heating elements and PTC heating elements and components.

Technical characteristics:

  • Energy-saving, high thermal efficiency, unit heat power consumption is 20-30% less than PTC;
  • The surface is safe and non-harged, with good insulation performance, can withstand the withstand voltage test of 4500V/1S, no breakdown, and leakage current <0.5mA;
  • No impulse peak current; no power attenuation; rapid heating; safe, no open flame;
  • Good thermal uniformity, high power density, and long service life.

3.Resistance Ratio VS Temperature

Resistance Ratio VS Temperature

4.Is it possible to have a built-in sensing resistor in MCH heater?

Yes, In some specific designs, built-in sensing resistors can be done, see below case.

built-in sensing resistor in MCH heater

  1. How is the lead wire connected? 

There are  two methods to be done:

One is brazing technology, material used is silver copper, brazing temperature is 900°C; temperature resisting is 300°C which is recommended.

Another is soldering technology which temperature resisting is 200°C.

Alumina MCH Ceramic Heater

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