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Metal Ceramics Heater


MCH is the abbreviation of Metal Ceramics Heater. MCH refers to printing high melting point metal heating resistor paste such as metal tungsten or molybdenum manganese on a 95% alumina cast ceramic green body according to the requirements of the heating circuit design, after hot pressing together, and then reducing the atmosphere at about 1600℃ Under protection, a ceramic heating element made by sintering ceramic and metal together.

Performance and characteristics:
1. Shape, size, and resistance power can be produced according to customer requirements;
2. Good thermal uniformity and high power density;
3. Rapid heating and temperature compensation;
4. High thermal efficiency, energy-saving;
5. There is no flame, and the surface is safe and without electricity;
6. The heating sheet is resistant to acid, alkali, and other corrosive substances.

Application scope:
Widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, environmental protection, industrial drying equipment, electric heating adhesives, water, oil and acid-base liquid heaters, hairdressers (hair straighteners, curlers), air heaters, cigarette lighters, Electronic cigarettes, aromatherapy stoves, heating and cooling air conditioners, instant water heaters, instant faucets and other fast heating devices, multi-function microwave ovens, ovens, ovens, clothes dryers, hand dryers, air conditioning fans, air cleaners, kettles, Coffee maker, medical treatment, infrared physiotherapy instrument, intravenous fluid heater, etc.