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One of The Ideal Material For Heat Dissipation – Beryllium Oxide (BEO)

Distinguished by its excellent thermal conductivity, Beryllium Oxide is an ideal material for applications requiring large heat dissipation as well as dielectric and mechanical strength. It is particularly well suited for use as a diode laser and semiconductor heat sinks and as a rapid thermal transfer medium for miniaturized circuitry and tightly contained electronic assemblages.

Beryllium Oxide BeO ceramic heatsinks

Beryllium Oxide BeO ceramic heatsinks

Properties of Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic:

Beryllium oxide(Beo) B-99 Properties
Item Value
Dielectric Constant 6.9±0.4(10GHz)
Tangent of Dielectric loss ≤4×10-4(1MHz)
Volume Resistivity 1011Ω·cm(300℃)
Dielectric Strength ≥20 kV/mm
Bending Strength ≥190 MPa
Density ≥2.85 g/cm3
Average Coefficient of Linear Expansion 7.98×10-6 1/K (25℃~500℃)
Thermal Conductivity ≥240 W/(m·K)(25℃)
≥190 W/(m·K)(100℃)
Thermal Shock Resistance no crack
Chemical Stability ≤0.3 mg/cm2(1:9HCl)
≤0.2 mg/cm2(10%NaOH)
GasTightness ≤10×10-11 Pa·m3/s
Average Grain Size 12~30μm
Remark: The value is just for review, different using conditions will have a little difference.

Typical applications for Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic:
Heat sinks for high power electronics, laser diodes, and advanced avionics.
An ideal refractory material which can be used for both nuclear reactors and very high temperature furnace applications.
Other application in aerospace, defense, laser, medical, nuclear.
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