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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Glow Plugs Used for Cars

Silicon nitride ceramic glow plugs are used for diesel engine start-up preheating and ignition of various high-temperature gases. This product uses silicon nitride ceramics as the base material of the heating part, which overcomes the problems of metal sleeve-type glow plugs, such as not resistant to high temperatures, short service life, and long pre-heating time .

The following is the detailed information of our products:


Electrical properties

  • *Rated Voltage:8V,12V,16V,18V,24V
  • *Frequency:50/60HZ
  • *Rated power:35W~750W




  • Long service life: Service life reaches 15000 hours;
  • Power on and off times: 105 times;
  • Fast preheating: when the preheating temperature reaches 1000°C, the preheating time is 3-5 seconds;
  • Good low temperature startup performance: reliable startup at -30°C;
  • High temperature strength:suitable for high-speed diesel engines and high- temperature ignition devices.



  • High speed diesel engine
  • High temperature ignition device
  • parking heater
  • Car preheater
  • Car exhaust treatment

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Glow Plugs Used for Cars


Performance Comparison of Silicon Nitride Glow plug and Metal glow plug

ITEM Si3N4 Glow Plug Metal Glow Plug
Pre heat temp(℃) 1000-1200 800-900
Pre-heat time(S) 5-8 20-40
Power(W) ≤45 100
Power on-off time 105 240
Low temp startup performance:(℃) -30 -5


Si3N4 Glow Plug Specification:





Working temp


Thermal conductivity



specific heat



Thermal expansion coefficient(℃)


<1300 <1200 25 640 3.4×10-6


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