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Silicon nitride ceramic electric heating element

Silicon Nitride Heater

INNOVACERA’s silicon nitride heating elements are normally rectangular in shape. These heaters have a lot of operation zone up to 1000 degree C and a cold zone in the contact area. The encapsulated terminal can prevent short circuit caused by conductive contamination. They can be operated with or without a controller. Silicon nitride heater has several times the durability that silicon carbide products.

The performances of Si3N4 ceramic heater:
1) Electrical safety. The current leakage after the break is less than 10 mA
2) High-temperature resistance. Dry point up to 1300 ℃
3) High surface load. Heating liquid surface load up to 78w/cm2
4) Small size
5) The thermal inertia is small, faster heating up.
6) Long service life
7) Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Their have specification as below:
1) Rated Voltage: 230V,220V,110V,120V
2) Hz: 50/60HZ
3) Rate power
INV01: 500-2500W
INV02: 500-2500W
INV03: 500-1200W
INV04: 500-2500W
INV05: 500-2500W
INV06: 500-1500W
4) Max Power: 3500W
5) Service life: 5000 hours
6) Electric insulation strength: 2500V、50HZ (Room temperature),no breakdown in 1 minute
7) Leakage of current: No more than 0.025 mA under normal working conditions, no more than 10 mA in water after breaking
8) Acid corrosion resistance: Boiling in 5% sulfuric acid solution for 6h, the corrosion rate is less than 10g/m2•h
9) Alkali resistance: Boiling in 30% sodium hydroxide solution for 6h, corrosion resistance less than 0.6g/m2•h
10) Medium: liquid, water
11) Dimension, power and input voltage are customize according to your requirement. Stock dimensions as below:

Item W(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm)
INV01 17 131 111 90
INV02 17 119 100 80
INV03 17 79 60 43
INV04 30 85 67 50
INV05 49 65 45 35
INV06 23 60 40 52

Silicon Nitride Heater Silicon Nitride Heater

Mechanical properties:

Hardness(HRA) Fracture Toughness(Mpa.m1/2 Flexural Strength(Mpa)
92.0~94.0 6.0~8.0 ≥900

Silicon Nitride Heater