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Thick Film Metallized Ceramic

Thick Film Metalizing Ceramics


Innovacera can provide Thick Film Metalizing Ceramics. Metalization is a coating of metal material with good adhesion on the ceramic.This can be followed by a barrier diffusion layer of electrolytic pure Nickel (Ni). The third layer of gold (Au) or other precious metal, results in a tightly sealed ceramic to metal assembly ready for the soldering or brazing process. Unmetalized sections of the part can also be glazed.

Metallized Ceramic Parts


Ceramic Materials: 95%, 99% alumina, AlN, BeO
Metallization Materials: Mo/Mn; W/Mn (BeO only)
Metallization thickness: 25±10um; 8-15um(W/Mn)
Plating Materials : Ni/Ag/Au
Plating Thickness: 2-10um
Pin full strength: 4200kgf/cm2 avg. (at Φ3.0mm pin)

• Strong, robust bond
• Minimal substrate deformation
• Universal applicability for ceramic metal joining
• High processing speeds
• Uniform coating, thickness and density

Feed-through insulators
• Headers
• High-power receptacles
• Insulating discs
• Insulating rings and cylinders
• Precipitator products
• Power Switches
Vacuum Interrupters
• SCR Housing
• Windows
• X-Ray tubes

Typical Ceramic Composition
95%, 99% Alumina Ceramic Components
AlN Metallized Ceramic Substrate
BeO Metallized Ceramic Substrate

Alumina Metallized Ceramic Parts

Alumina Metallized Ceramic Parts