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Silicon Nitride Igniter Used for Vegetable Oil Furnace-GL02

Vegetagle Oil Boiler Igniter

A special igniter for vegetable oil furnace was developed successfully in March 2020, which is widely used in vegetable oil boiler, and widely loved by customers.

Short Introduction:
This product uses high-performance silicon nitride ceramics as the substrate, with high-temperature mechanical strength, strong thermal shock resistance, and
resistance to acid and alkali corrosion advantages. It not only has excellent insulation properties but also has good thermal conductivity.

Datasheet of the product:

Bending strength ≥900Mpa RoFracture toughness 6.0-8.0 Mpa.m1/2
volume density 3.20-3.4g/cm3 Volume resistivity at room temperature 1014Ω.cm
Relative dielectric constant 6-7 Thermal conductivity 23-25W/(m-k)
Thermal expansion coefficient 3.1×10-6/℃ Hardness HRA92-94
Voltage 220V Power 400W
Size 80*17*3.5mm

Performance and Feature:
Good moisture resistance and tightness;
Small size and lightweight;
Excellent thermal performance, fast temperature rise, surface temperature rises to 1100 ℃ in 15 seconds;
Has excellent electrical insulation performance;
High-performance silicon nitride material is used as the base material, which has excellent oxidation resistance, long service life, and on-off up to 100,000 times

Comparative advantages with traditional metal tube heating bodies:
Strong corrosion resistance;
Uniform heating and high heat conversion rate;
Power stability;
Strong bending resistance;
Good sealing;
Low leakage index;
High anti-penetration rate

Constant temperature vegetable oil boiler, biomass boiler, gas stove boiler, etc.