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What is PTC Heaters

A positive temperature coefficient heating element (PTC heating element) or self-regulating heater is an electrical resistance heater whose resistance increases significantly with temperature. The name self-regulating heater comes from the tendency of such heating elements to maintain a constant temperature.
PTC heating elements are a type of thermistor.

Advantages of PTC heaters:
1.The surface temperature of PTC ceramic heater can be controlled automatically.
2.Good voltage shock resistance, the highest withstand voltage can reach more than 1300VDC, which ensures the reliability of components working under high voltage for a long time.
3.The temperature rises rapidly at low temperature, and it can start quickly even if the ambient temperature reaches -40 degrees.
4.The power aging is extremely small under high DC voltage, and it can still maintain a good heating effect after long-term use.
5.Curie temperature and PTC size can be adjusted arbitrarily according to customer requirements, ranging from 60 degrees to 315 degrees.
6. Long service life
7. Aluminum spraying, screen printing aluminum, silver, welding and other electrode layers are produced and supplied at the same time.
1.Heating or defrosting in air conditioners, pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, or for heating battery boxes.
2.Liquid and solid mosquito coils and incense perfumes.
3.Air heaters, bathroom heaters, coffee pots and foot baths and other small household appliances.
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