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What’s Is Machinable Glass Ceramic?

Machinable Glass Ceramic is a mica glass ceramic material with a unique combination of properties. It is easily machinable using conventional metalworking tools, with no post-firing required. A versatile ceramic material with technical strength and insulation properties exceeding high-performance plastics, it is also stable in high temperatures (continuous at 800° Celsius, up to a peak of 1,000° Celsius) with 0.0069% porosity. The ceramic material also acts as an electrical insulator that is radiation resistant and has low thermal conductivity.

Machinable Glass Ceramic

Machinable Glass Ceramic

Characteristics include:

1.0.0069% porosity and non-shrinking

  1. High dielectric strength
  2. Electrical resistivity
  3. Withstands high temperatures up to 800ºC
  4. Tight tolerance capability
  5. Easily and economically machined into complex shapes and precision parts

Applications include:

  1. Feedthroughs
  2. Hermetic seals
  3. Insulators and supports for vacuum environment feed-throughs

Spacers, headers, and windows for microwave tube devices

  1. Aerospace components
  2. Welding nozzles

7. Fixtures