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Why Metal And Ceramic CO2 Laser Tubes Are The Most Chosen For High-Performance CO2 Lasers

The laser tubes usually used in CO2 laser machines are categorized into DC glass、RF metal tubes and ceramic tubes.But Metal-sealed lasers are the most proven technology on the market for high-performance CO2 lasers.

Sealing Parts For Metal Laser Tubes
Metal laser tubes are sealed metal chambers made of metal and ceramic, metal is typically stainless steel or other durable alloys and ceramics are usually alumina, they are brazed to form a feedthrough of up to 1.0 x 10 -10 atm-cc/sec. The tube is filled with a specific mixture of gasses in the ratio of 1:1:8, typically:–Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Nitrogen (N2): Helium (He). The metal and ceramic laser tubes use a technique called “radio frequency” to stimulate the gasses to produce the beam. Using RF has advantages over DC voltage, including lower energy consumption, better control of the engraving process, and longer life, resulting in a higher-quality laser beam output over a longer period of time. Metal and ceramic laser sources can be air-cooled or water-cooled, depending on the wattage of the laser. Most wattages from 30-120 watts are air cooled.
In conclusion, metal laser tubes are crucial components of industrial laser cutting systems. They provide the power and control required to generate laser beams for metal cutting, marking, and welding applications. In CO2 laser technology, these tubes allow for precise and efficient processing of various metal materials.

RF tube advantages:

1. Engraving quality and speed – RF tubes produce a laser beam that produces a smaller dot size which allows for more detailed engraving. Since RF tubes can pulse the beam at a higher rate the engraving speed is also higher on RF tube-equipped machines.
2. Longevity–all tubes degrade over time, but RF tubes degrade at a slower rate. It is not uncommon for RF tubes to last up to 4-5 times longer than DC tubes. RF tubes are also refillable.
3. Less maintenance
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