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Do you know zirconia ceramic applications?

zirconia ceramic applications

Do you know zirconia ceramics?
Do you know its application?
Some brief introductions of zirconia ceramics are for your reference.
1. Zirconia ceramics have high fracture toughness, excellent wear resistance, strong bending resistance, and good thermal insulation. It has almost the same thermal expansion capacity as steel. So we can use it in structural ceramics.
2. The high-temperature performance of zirconia ceramic is excellent, so it can use to produce Heating element and refractory materials.
3. Zirconia ceramics have good electrical sensitivity so that it can be used to make oxygen sensors and solid oxides.
4. Besides, zirconia ceramic products include valve trim, precision balls, nozzles, tool and pump liners, plungers, blades, and so on.

Zirconia ceramics have many advantages and characteristics, and there are many applications for it. If you are interested, just contact us.