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Zirconia Ceramic Spatula For Mixing Palette Of Dental Application

We got a query requested to develop some ceramic component for mixing palette of dental application, Because customer needs high flexural strength and no contamination
components to get homogenous pastes.

Materials Choose Step (Design Guide)

  • No contamination is the most important
  • Flexural strength
  • Elastic module
  • Fracture toughness

As per the above choice, our engineer recommended Zirconia Ceramic Material for this project.

  • High flexural strength
  • Excellent bending strength
  • Impact resisting
  • Good fracture toughness

Design Solutions

Zirconia ceramic spatula is thickness from 0.3mm to 0.8mm.

zirconia ceramic spatula

zirconia ceramic spatula

Brief Introduction

The zirconia ceramic spatula is used for the mixing palette which dental technicians are working with ceramic powders (for making crowns and bridges). Basically, the ceramic powder is mixed with distilled water. Use the zirconia ceramic spatula for mixing the ceramic powder and the distilled water, it can get homogenous pastes. This zirconia plate is an entire part of a more complex set of tools.

This zirconia spatula had a lot of success on the 2015 biggest dental exhibition(takes place every 2 years in March in Germany).

According to the exhibition publicized, hope this zirconia ceramic spatula will be more widespread use for the dental industry.

Our engineer team will develop various kinds of zirconia or alumina ceramic part for the dental industry, if there is any project enquiry please feel free to get in touch