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Boron Nitride Crucibles

  • What are the uses of Boron Nitride Ceramics? Company

    Nitride Boron can be used in the manufacture of crucibles for smelting semiconductors and metallurgical high-temperature vessels, amorphous strip nozzles, semiconductor heat dissipation insulation parts, high-temperature bearings, thermocouple bushin…

  • Ultra High Purity 99.7% Pure Boron Nitride Crucibles/Setters Company

    The Ultra High Purity Boron Nitride Crucibles/Setters (99.7% Pure Boron Nitride) have wide usage. 1. Main Technical Datasheet: 1) Density: 1.5-1.6g/cm3; 2) Purity >99.7%; 3) Oxygen content <0.15%. 2. Performance characteristics: 1) Hi…