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Ultra High Purity 99.7% Pure Boron Nitride Crucibles/Setters

The Ultra High Purity Boron Nitride Crucibles/Setters (99.7% Pure Boron Nitride) have wide usage.

1. Main Technical Datasheet:
1) Density: 1.5-1.6g/cm3;
2) Purity >99.7%;
3) Oxygen content <0.15%.

2. Performance characteristics:
1) High purity, no adhesion, and pollution to sintered parts;
2) Good permeability, no deformation when used at high temperature; the maximum use temperature is 2100 degrees, resistant to repeated impact at high and low temperature;
3) Resistant to carbon corrosion;
4) Long service life, and stable mass production quality.

3. Application field
1) Used for firing silicon nitride substrates, aluminum nitride substrates, transparent ceramics, rare earth and other materials;
2) Insulation and heat dissipation accessories for semiconductor equipment;
3) Sintering and smelting precious metals and alloy materials;
4) It can replace the Japanese DENKA-NB-1000 model.

99.7% Pure Boron Nitride

Ultra High Purity Boron Nitride Crucibles Setters (99.7% Pure Boron Nitride)