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VGF Crucible

  • How to make Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Ceramic Part? Company

    Innovacera PBN ceramic part includes the PBN Disc, PBN Sheet, PBN Filament Ring, PBN VGF Crucibles, PBN LEC Crucibles, PBN MBE Crucibles, PBN Conical Crucible, and Other PBN Machined Custom Parts. PBN is a grade of hexagonal boron nitride. It …

  • The Introduction of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible Company

    PBN is a particular material of ceramics. It's sedimentary the process just like ”Snowing” -- hexagon-shaped PBN by dropping on graphite material in parallel till to a certain thickness. After cooling, it becomes the PBN ceramic component. The P…