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ALN Heater Substrate For Semiconductor-Manufacturing

High thermal conductivity makes Aluminum Nitride an excellent choice where fast response or high levels of uniform temperatures are required. A clean, non-contaminating heat source, AlN’s high thermal conductivity prevents cracking.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater Plate Advantages:

  • High-temperature heater up to 1000°C
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and uniformity.
  • Hard, dense, non-porous, high purity substrate.
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent size and shape capability.
  • Precise, repeatable pattern and distributed wattage.
Product ALN heater substrate
Material Aluminum nitride
Size D120*8mm
Application Components of vacuum devices for semiconductor-manufacturing equipments
Description Aluminum nitride has properties of  high heat resistant, high heat conductivity, excellent heat equalization and electrical insulation. ALN heater substrate is used for mainly semiconductor manufacturing devices, and also it can be used for vacuum evaporation system, sputtering machines and CVD devices.
Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater Plate

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater Plate