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The Ideal Material of Thermal Management – Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Components

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic (AlN) is an ideal material widely used in situations that demand both high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. This unique ability makes AIN ideal for managing rapid heating and removal of heat from other components and systems, such as in heat sinks, heat exchanger and spreaders.


In addition, its low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is similar to silicon material, means AIN is a trusted substance for use in semiconductor products. The material remains highly stable through a wide range of temperatures.


Properties Units Value
Color Grey
Mechanical Properties
Density g/cm3 3.26
Modulus of Elasticity GPa 310
Fracture toughness Mpa x m^1/2 3.5
Poissons Ratio 0.25
Compressive Strength MPa 2100
Flexural Strength MPa 335
Hardness (Knoop 100 g) Kg/mm2 1170
Hardness (Vickers) GPa 11
Thermal Properties
Maximum Temperature *
Oxidizing °C 700
Inert °C 1300
Thermal Conductivity
@ 25°C W/mK 180
@ 300°C W/mK 130
Specific Heat J/kg.K 750
Thermal Shock Resistance ΔT °C 400
Coefficient of Expansion
CTE 25°C ➞ 100°C 10^-6/°C 3.6
CTE 25°C ➞ 300°C 10^-6/°C 4.6
CTE 25°C ➞ 500°C 10^-6/°C 5.2
CTE 25°C ➞ 1000°C 10^-6/°C 5.6
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz 8.6
Loss Tangent 1 MHz 5×10^-4
Dielectric Strength kV/mm >15
Volume Resistivity
25°C Ω cm >10^13
300°C Ω cm 10^9
500°C Ω cm 10^7

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics exhibit exceptional characteristics, making them useful in various applications.

  • High thermal conductivity combined with good electrical insulation characteristics.
  • Exceptional stability when exposed to many molten salts.
  • Thermal stability up to at least 1500°C
  • Favorable mechanical characteristics extending into the high temperature range.
  • Low thermal expansion and resistance to thermal shock.
  • Special optical and acoustic characteristics.